My Whishlist

Dream Items *.*

This AMAZING IW Skirt in bordeux...i would also like the blouse in black but is not a dream item :P

MmM chandelier OP - in this colourway but will look at others

MmM chandelier Bag

MM coat +.+

This MM dress

MmM chocker and matching headress

THIS MmM shoes

my *i want this in my wardrobe* list :D

Atlier boz coat in BLACK

although this is F+F i really like the design this colourway only

AatP mini-coat ;_;

AatP Long Coat

This AatP dress

The Vampire Requirem JSK in black or red

This AMAZING AatP vest

AatP bouse in black or white

AatP headress

AatP hat

MM dress

Atlier Pirrot Skirt

Putumayo red cat window skirt

Metamorphose basic skirt

Innocent World high waisted black skirt

Victorian Maiden Bolero in Black

BTSSB princess drop pocket dress in BLACK or RED

Metamorphose crown embroyed coat

Moi meme Moitie OP in BLACK

Moi meme Moitie OP in BLUE

Moi meme Moitie headress in black or blue

Red or black (really rather red), size M